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Product Development

The Supergum Aerospace department is a leader in aviation and aerospace products and developing engineering solutions. Top quality and high performance properties of rubber and plastic are essential in aerospace products. Rubber and plastic parts travel many miles and exposed to extreme conditions such as high and low temperature levels, extreme level of pressure, and extreme stress and strain levels.

Supergum supplies rubber componenets rangine from shock absorbers, cushions, bumpers, isolators, window and door seals, protectors and other high percision molded and extruded rubber rubber products">

We meet the high standards and requirements of the aviation and aerospace industries.

Partners & Customers

Our customers and partners include the best aerospace and aviation companies. We are working with them to develop innovative products to improve quality and performance

The Supergum Aerospace Labs

Our aerospace laboratory is an integral part of the development and production process of every product. From testing the initial prototypes, to trying different materials in a range of extreme conditions, to compound preparation, material teststing,the finished product dimensional and dynamic control tests.

Our labs include the most advanced equipment including Rheometers, Viscometers, advanced optical comparators, and more.

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