June 2016

Supergum hosted on Gazprom Technology Day

Article by Supergum Team, June 21, 2016.

Supergum technological developements and innovations took part in a distinguished event. Our team presented in the Gazprom Technology Day, which took place in Moscow, Russia about a month ago. The presenting team was led by Supergum's CEO Mr. Yehuda Gescheit.

Supergum was one of 13 selective Israeli innovative companies which icluded Modcon Systems LTD, Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd., A.R.I Russia/Aqwise, Ortech Defence Systems Ltd., ESC BAZ, WebinPro, Mellanox Technologies, BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd., CyberX, Gilat Satellite Networkds Ltd. and Checkpoint Software Technologies.

Our team demonstrated our abilities in developement and technological design in rubber and plastic innovation. Specifically we focused on solutions in the Oil and Gaz industry to help improve existing systems.

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