Supergum Defense
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Plastic Ammunition

Non-lethal plastic ammunition for riot control.

Personal Water Container

The Supergum personal water containers are designed and tested to allow the best quality of drinking water in severe combat and weather conditions. They are currently used by troopers and special forces in the best combat units in forces such as the Israeli Defense Force and the US Military.

Weapon Accessories

Supergum designs and manufactures a variety of weapon accessories such as butt stocks, grippers, and foregrips. We are working together with elite forces to design the best solutions for combat products

Butt Stocks Types

Rounded Butt Stocks

Flat Butt Stocks

Concave Butt Stocks

Hand Guards

The hand guards are made of plastic and metal. They are available for a wide range of weapons. All our hand guards are tested in real combat conditions. They are used by Israeli elite forces, US military forces and many other defense groups around the globe.

Protective Boots

The Protective Boots are to be worn instead of shoes, for protection of the feet and as a supplement for maximum body protection.

Protective Overshoes

The Protective Overshoes are for protection of the feet and as a supplement for maximum protection of the body; for use on top of any shoe.

Protective Overshoes

Meant to be worn over shoes, the overshoes have an adjustable lace for easy fitting. These overshoes are meant for prolonged use by designated NBC forces.

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Our team works with military organizations to design the best solutions for the geographic and environmental conditions.

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