Plucking Fingers

Innovation Transforms the Poultry Slaughterhouse Equipment Industry


Poultry Slaughterhouses require specific and specialized equipment to clean and prepare poultry efficiently, while maintaining high quality standards. And it’s the details that matter. Clients want the cleanest of chickens – and delivering that is a priority. What’s a company to do, though, when the picking fingers used to defeather the chickens break often and don’t do a thorough defeathering job?

Enter Supergum. The premier designers and manufacturers of custom-made rubber products for a large variety of sectors. A private company, established in Israel in 1956, Supergum put its impressive in-house team to work to tackle this problem.

Introducing Chacko & Chucky: Supergum’s kosher-certified rubber picking fingers for automatic defeathering machines.

The design: A wide choice of finger sizes and hardness degrees to fit a variety of defeathering machines

The innovation: Manufactured with Supergum’s proprietary technology, with anti-bacterial properties

The benefit: Proven to outlast standard picking fingers by at least 30% (in independent lab testing)


Specially designed to withstand low temperatures, Supergum’s rubber picking fingers well exceed industry standard performances when used in cold water – as required by Kosher laws. Engineered to withstand the high friction environment in which they are used, these picking fingers greatly reduce the need to replace the picking fingers, improving productivity and reducing costs as a result.


Pilot testing in large, independently owned warehouses proved that the Chacko & Chucky picking fingers save time lost to machinery maintenance, perform well in both hot and cold water while catching less bacteria, and result in cleaner chickens.


The results speak for themselves – and we’re proud to make this product available for you! Contact Supergum at   to learn more or to place an order




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