February 2017

Rubber Compression Technology

Article by Supergum Innovation Team, Illai Gescheit, February 1, 2017.

At Supergum we use many production and engineering technologies to make great products. In a series of articles we overview those technologies, the processes, products and innovations which our group create using these technologies. In the last article we shared what is behind the Injection Molding technology and how we use it to design and manufacture products such as Shock absorbers for the aerospace industry and Rubber car pedal for the automotive industry. In this article, we will explain what Compression Molding technology is and how our development and engineering teams use this technology to innovate and make the best products for our customers.

The Compression Molding Process

Compression Molding technology is relatively a cost-effective and simple method for rubber and plastic product manufacturing. The process of compression molding includes the next stages and is illustrated in figures 1a (open state) and 1b (closed state):

1. The molding system is in an open state, as shown in figure 1a where the top plate and the bottom plate are seperated from each other.
2. A pre-heated rubber material is placed in the cavity of the bottom plate.
3. The top and bottom plates are closing towards each other creating high pressure and volume environment insinde the cavity.
4. The rubber material expands in the cavity forming the final shape of the product.
5. After the rubber is cured the plates seperate and the final product is removed from the cavity.
6. Flashing are removed from the final product.

* Stages 5 and 6 can be done either automatically or manually, depends on the product and the machinary chosen by the engineering team.

When Compression Molding is Used?

Compression moldging was initally designed to manufacture composite parts for metal replacement applications. The compression molding method is a high-pressure and high volume method. It is used to manufacture relatively large rubber or plastic parts. It is relative cost-effective comparing to other manufacturing methods such as Injection Molding. In addition, it is more environmentaly friendly since the amount of waste is smaller than in other methods. This could be also translated to economic and financial value, when using expensive materials and compounds.

At Supergum, we use compression molding manufacturing technologies for designing and manufacturing products for diverse industries such as the automotive industry, CBRN and protective solutions, environmental and medical designs and more. Compression molding is not suitable for the production of any part. It is relatively challenging to control the flashing created in production, and require vast engineering experience and knowledge. Our team has trmendous experience working with top companies using compressions molding technics. It is often required to remove the flashing from the product either manually or automatically.

What Products Are Manufactured With Injection Molding?

Here are some examples of the products we design and manufacture for different applications and industries using compression molding technology. A very common product we design is boots. It could be protective boots which are used for firemen and overshoes which are worn on top of shoes to protect from chemical or biological threats.

Protective Boots

Protective Overshoes

Protective Overshoes

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