Impertech Safety

60 years of knowledge and experience

Impertech is a leading manufacturer of CBRN protective solutions including an innovative range of professional gas masks and respirators for different sectors.

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is relied upon by the defense & military sector, in many hazardous work environments, and by medical teams and first responders

Our Global Reach

Our clients include armies, defense departments, and special combat units from all corners of the globe. Our logistic facilities in North America and Europe help us meet strict delivery demands.

Our Strengths

Our R&D team includes engineers who specialize in materials, chemical, mechanical and aeronautical engineering. Our dynamic shop floor is always in change and evolution, as machines and assembly lines are constructed within days to supply the requested
products and meet our clients’ needs.

Committed to quality

We work in accordance with global standards that ensure qualified manufacturing.
We manufacture products that are installed in vehicles, aircraft, and life-saving medical devices that are used by millions of people all over the world. Therefore, and as also required by strict manufacturing regulations, our quality assurance team supervises all stages of production – from raw material delivery to final product packaging. We apply continuous testing and validation to all manufacturing stages while adhering to strict international standardization.


Military CBRN equipment

Impertech LTD. has been producing and supplying CBRN kits for over then 3 decades to the IDF Israeli army and other armies worldwide.

These CBRN military kits are exclusively sold to selected militaries and exclusive defense forces and meet the most stringent requirements and standards.
The CBRN kit contains high-quality products which help protect individuals working in the military and defense sectors and global communities in times of chemical, biological,and radiological threats.

Civilian CBRN kits

The Survival CBRN Family Kit includes the sapphire CBRN system for parents. The Quartz protective hood for children and infants. The Pet Respiratory protection tent for family pets. All parts of the Super Safe systems in this kit are of the highest level of safety that meets the most stringent military standards.

Medical PPE

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is relied upon by the defense & military sector, in many hazardous work environments, and by medical teams and other first responders. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Impertech has set up largescale production facilities to mass-produce PPE products, including 3-ply surgical face masks and protective suits and hoods with filters and respirators for medical personnel.

Our Story

Committed to protect

As we work closely with security forces, medical staff and firs responders, we are always there to offer the solutions for acute situations.

We started manufacturing CBRN gear during the Gulf war, when we responded to the national Israeli effort against chemical threats coming from Iraq. 
We manufactured and supplied millions of gas masks to the Israeli citizens and to IDF, along with other CBRN gear we developed since. 
We work closely with the IDF standards and all our products are manufactured according to international standards.

See Us In Action

We are excited to announce that the IM76 is finalized, tested and CE approved! Come join us at our booth at the Eurosatory exibition, Hall 5A, #H285 17-21.06.2024, Paris.

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