Surgical masks for older adults

Extra Breathable perfumed face masks

The Super Safe SN98 Disposable Protective Face Masks, are Breathable 3 Ply Masks. Specially produced for older adults which require extra level of protection and respiratory ease.
Manufactured according to ASTM Level 3 and Israeli Health Ministry performance requirements. The SN98 masks provide protection against PM2.5 Dust, Pollen, Virus, and Haze-Proof. Filter Efficiency≥98%. These masks are specially adapted for facial skin. They are authorized with ISO 10 – 10993 compatibility, Sensitization Skin & Irritation Certification.

According to the New York City Health over 90% of deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in adults over the age of 45. This could be because, after a certain age, our immune system begins to weaken. This is why Impertech Safety, the global manufacturer of protective solutions, has created a unique mask to combat the pandemic.

Made of cutting-edge technology, the SN98 face mask has been specially developed for older adults to filter out 98% of air particles, making the wearer much less likely to be infected. It is one of the best high-end mask on the marker, being a 3 Ply face mask and includes one of the highest quality filters in the world.

More Info:

The SN98 masks are designed for daily protection and maximum comfort, they are made out of special fabric for maximum respiratory ease and have long and extra soft and strong ear loops as well as an aluminum nose strip for improved protection. The masks are for single use only – up to 12 hours same day use. The package includes 40 fresh fragranced masks.

Wholesale orders only. Please get in touch with our sales team via our Contact Us

We are excited to announce that the IM76 is finalized, tested and CE approved! Come join us at our booth at the Eurosatory exibition, Hall 5A, #H285 17-21.06.2024, Paris.

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