Respirator filter for biohazards and viruses

Gas Filter

The ABE1 P3 Respirator Filter developed by Impertech provides effective protection against biological threats in general and the novel coronavirus in particular. The filter has a rigid envelope with multiple internal layers to provide effective protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents. The filter structure provides excellent shielding properties and high mechanical resistance and facilitates low resistance breathing. The Hematite filter is manufactured according to the strictest requirements of Israeli defense authority specifications.


The filter has a standard thread and can be connected to any protective systems manufactured in accordance with CBRN standards.


  • Construction Material – Nuril + 10% GF
  • Particulate Filter – HEPA H13


Height: Excluding thread: 63±1 mm; Including thread: 82±1 mm Diameter: 114±1 mm
Maximum Weight: 270 gr

Storage Conditions:
Shelf life of over 20 years when filter is stored in original packaging.
Temperature range -10°C e +50°C
Relative Humidity < 80%

Gas Filter is recommended for use by:


General Description:

  • Particle Filter that protects from airborne particles
  • Meets Standard EN 143:2000 Class P3 R (Reuse)
  • For use with full-face mask and half-face mask
  • Screw suitable for use with NATO Standard RD 40×1/7″ thread according to EN148-1


  • Construction Material: ABS Plastic
  • Particulate Filter: HEPA H13
  • Height: Excluding thread: 32±1 mm;
    Including thread: 60±1 mm
  • Diameter: 113±1 mm
  • Maximum Weight: 150 g

Storage Conditions:

  • Storage Time: 5 years (factory sealed)
  • Temperature range -10°C- +50°C
  • Relative Humidity < 80%
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