Face the future of defense with IM76 – the new and innovative gas mask

During the past decade, CBRN warfare agents, weapons and tools have changed dramatically but the protection gear remained practically the same. Impertech is changing the equation by launching IM76, a new gas mask that will redefine and revolutionize CBRN protection concepts.

Impertech, the official CBRN manufacturer to the Israeli army has launched several years ago a large-scale development project, with the vision to enhance and empower soldiers’ capabilities operating in hazardous environments. Today, Impertech announces the completion of the IM76 gas mask, that will reach the market early 2023. The IM76 is an advanced CBRN mask, the first of a full set of CBRN protection gear, that will be finalized during 2023.

IM76 is a versatile and modular life-saving full-face mask, designed to the highest degree of safety, comfort and functionality. The IM76 solves key disadvantages and design flaws in current masks and introduces innovation in design, technology, and in manufacturing processes that will set new standards for safety, comfort and for ease of use.

Soldiers and commanders are sent to dangerous environments often. It is of our greatest concern and life mission to equip them with the best protection gear so they come back home safely“, says Mr. Asaf Hazut, Impertech’s VP and a CBRN expert. “The upcoming IM76 is the first development we are launching as part of a full protection set that will boost safety levels and will enable our soldiers to defuse hazardous environments, knowing they’re protection gear is safe, reliable and superior to any hostile situation”.

IM76 is developed according to international standards and regulations, and includes several patents that bring innovative technology to the unique design. The mask can be customized for different users, based upon their operational needs, requirements and budget. The IM76 portrays greatest advantages in its top-quality set of lenses, which users can snap on and off easily. The wide field of vision enable users to scan the contaminated area clearly and to be seen better by other team members. A speech membrane ensures clear communication and an exhaust system drain fluid efficiently. The mask is light, easy to don and doff and its unique ethno-morphic design enables perfect fitting to different head and face shapes.

“The IM76 is named after the legendary 76 battalion which has written Israel’s defense strategy and martial theory against hazardous environment. Impertech’s trained and experienced R&D team together with strong ties with the Israeli army and special units enabled us to incorporate expertise, know-how and real-life experience to the design of the IM76 – a state of the art respiration mask.” Says Mr. Hazut.

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