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Impertech ind. designates this site for the transfer of information for your personal use.

The website at impertechsafety.com (hereinafter the “Website”) includes information about the Impertech Ind. and its activities, about various products and services in the fields of development, design and manufacture of rubber and plastic products, sealing, skin protection and breathability worldwide.

Be sure to read these terms and conditions and their terms of use carefully, before browsing the site, as continuing to browse and / or viewing the information on the site and / or its contents constitutes full consent to the site’s rules (this document, hereinafter: “Site Terms” and / or “Terms” ) In full without limitation and / or reservation.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term “user” means any person who uses this site in any way and form, and / or anyone who uses (including a third party) any site or its various parts whatsoever, as defined in the term “site” above .
This policy is worded for convenience in masculine language but they apply to both women and men.

Terms of Use :
Impertech does everything in its power but does not guarantee that the content on the site will be updated at all times.
Although Impertech makes reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on the Site, it does not warrant the accuracy of the information. Impertech will not be liable for any action taken and based on the information presented on the site, and each user agrees that the entry into and use of the site is at his sole risk. Impertech will not be liable and / or responsible for any error and / or omission in the content of the site.
Impertech does not guarantee that the site will be displayed and operate properly without interruptions and / or interruptions, will take place safely and without errors.
Impertech does not guarantee that the site will not be closed and / or that its activities will not be stopped temporarily or permanently and it reserves the right to close the site and / or its activities and / or the provision of services provided on it without prior notice and at its sole discretion.
For details and inquiries regarding the services, products and / or their delivery, you can contact Impertech’s customer service department using the form on the website under “Contact Us”.
As part of filling out the form, you will be required to provide personal information, such as your name, ways of contacting you and the e-mail address. All details entered by you in the registration form on the website will be collected and stored by Impertech and / or anyone on its behalf and their use will be made in accordance with the terms of use of the website.
Impertech will not bear any responsibility for any result and / or direct or indirect damage of any kind and type caused to the user and / or anyone on his behalf and / or any third party due to the use of the information on this site. The use of the site and its contents of any kind, may be used as is and without any obligation or warranty of any kind.

Data Security:

Impertech considers security and the protection of users’ information to be of paramount importance.
Impertech makes great efforts to protect user data and information privacy, with a strong emphasis on the various aspects of information security.
It is clarified that since these are communication networks as well as websites, Impertech can not guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into its computers and / or disclosure of the information stored by illegal operators and therefore, if a third party manages to penetrate the information held by Impertech and / or use Adversely, the user will have no claim, claim or demand against Impertech.
Cookies – The site may use “cookies” for its day-to-day and proper operation, including to collect statistics about the use of the site, to verify details, to adjust the site to your personal preferences and for security and privacy needs.
Different browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using. The responsibility for refraining from accepting cookies is the sole responsibility of the user, Impertech will not bear any responsibility of any kind as a result of changing cookie settings or any other setting and / or any other damage as caused to your personal computer or any other external computer.
Impertech has not reviewed all pages linked to the site, and is not responsible for what is added to the pages added to the site or other sites linked to the site. Your connection to sites added to the Site or any other linked sites is at your sole risk.
Impertech will not bear any responsibility, and will not be liable for any damage that may damage the computer equipment and / or any other item in it and / or viruses that may destroy or disrupt the operation of the computer as a result of entering the site and / or link sites on the site. Material appearing on the site including data, text, images, video, audio, etc.

Intellectual Property:
All intellectual property rights in all content on the site, including trademarks, patent rights, copyrights, designs, methods, trade secrets, etc. are the property of Impertech only. These rights apply, among other things, to the graphic design of the site and its data, computer code Of the site and any other details related to its operation.The user will not have any right of any kind in the information and / or content displayed on the site.
No non-personal use may be made, including commercial use of the data published on the site, the database on the site, the lists and images of the products appearing on it or other details published by and / or on behalf of Impertech without obtaining Impertech’s prior written consent.
Do not use and / or copy any data published on the site for the purpose of displaying them on a website or any other service without obtaining Impertech’s prior written consent and subject to the terms of that consent (if and to the extent that it is granted). In general, it is forbidden to collect data from the site using software and / or to distribute such data in public without Impertech’s prior written consent.
The name “Impertech -” supergum, its trademarks, whether registered or not, etc. – are all the property of Impertech only. They may not be used without the prior written consent of Impertech.

In addition:
Impertech reserves the right to change the site, its structure, appearance, content, scope of services provided on it or any other change, at its sole discretion and without any prior notice. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to revisit the published terms of use of the site from time to time in order to be updated on the changes. The user will not have any claim, claim and / or demand towards Impertech in respect of making such changes and / or in respect of direct or indirect malfunctions or damages that will occur due to the changes made on the Impertech website, including the temporary or permanent cessation of website activity.
Impertech may include commercial content on the Site, including advertisements, banners, ads, pop-up ads, digital files, links and search results all at its sole discretion.
Impertech reserves the right to change the terms of use and / or the rules of the site and / or any document, content, file, conditions or information provided on the site from time to time, without having to give any prior notice other than publishing an up-to-date version of the information on the site The sole.
No waiver by Impertech of any provision contained in these Terms and / or Impertech’s Privacy Policy shall be construed as a waiver of any prior or future breach of any provision of these Terms.
Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions of this site, then nothing stated in these documents will buy any right or any other benefit to third parties.
The Site Terms as set forth on this Site include the entire agreement between you and Impertech regarding your use of the Site.

Choice of law and jurisdiction:

The law applicable to these terms of use, their meaning, validity, applicability and enforcement and / or to any action and / or conflict arising therefrom, is the law of the State of Israel only. Any dispute between the parties to these By-Laws, including regarding its implementation, applicability, meaning or validity – will be clarified in the court with substantive jurisdiction in the Tel Aviv-Yafo District.
These Site Terms do not constitute a substitute for any terms of use of the Service and / or Agreement and / or General Terms and Conditions for receiving the Services from Impertech.
Use of this website and its contents is subject to all of the above will be considered as consent to the above.
If you have any comments or questions regarding the terms of use of the site, please contact us via the contact form on the site or by email – info@supergum.co.il. 

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