Personal Protection For Demanding Applications

The advanced new SUPERHOOD SN33 was designed by Impertech Safety in collaboration with leading healthcare organizations to meet their specific protection needs for medical and virus protection.

The SUPERHOOD system is an advanced, high performing PAPR, designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases.


  • Internal and external protective skirt interfaces with most suits.
  • No fit testing is required.
  • Excellent hood stability and fit support a range of operations.
  • The skirting system fully inflates.
  • The face shield (hood) is FDA approved.
  • One size fits all.
  • The face shield (hood) and the tube is for one-time single use.


The Onyx-45 blower is compact, easy to carry, and extremely reliable, supplying a constant air supply that maintains positive pressure into NBC protective masks.

The Onyx blower draws filtered air from the NBC filter attached to it and supplies the air via a flexible hose directly into the NBC protective hood / mask.

The blower creates overpressure within the interior of the mask, thus preventing the entry of chemical and biological warfare agents.

Made of polycarbonate, the blower is fitted with loops for suspension from a belt or a back harness; this arrangement provides maximum convenience even under field conditions. The advanced & enhanced “45- Onyx” blowers are designed for personnel engaged in strenuous activity. The blowers make it easy to breathe and enhance the comfort of using a standard rubber mask. The blowers are equipped with a monitor lamp so that users can verify their proper operation at all times. The “Onyx-45” blower fits all types of personal filter canisters with a standard NATO thread (40mm X 1/7”).

The Onyx-45 blower flow via an SPG P3 R filter supplies approximately 40 liters of air per minute with a resistance of 26 mm – 20 mm of water (depending on whether the blower is running in high or low mode) and is powered to work approximately 20  hours of continual operation.


  • Weight (including battery): Up to 500 gr.
  • Power supply: 1 lithium-sulfur or dioxide battery.
  • Operating voltage: 5.4 volts.
  • Airflow: approximately /min with a resistance of 26 – 20 mm of water.
  • Operating time (without replacing batteries): approximately 20 hours.
  • Shelf life: 8 years.

We are excited to announce that the IM76 is finalized, tested and CE approved! Come join us at our booth at the Eurosatory exibition, Hall 5A, #H285 17-21.06.2024, Paris.

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