NBC Military Respirator

General Description

The M15 Gas Mask is originally designed for military and police personnel, providing eye, face and respiratory protection against all known NBC agents. The M15 is Israel’s standard and well known military respirator used by the Israeli Defense Forces and Low Enforcement for decades. The M-15sp mask is produced in accordance with the original M15 Israeli Military Gas Mask however has been adjusted for civilian use.

The M-15sp NBC FACE MASK provides a highest level of protection and complies with the CE standard and the European EN 136 standard, which are parallel to the Israel Standard SI 4013/5 for NBC masks.

 The M-15sp mask is made of a rubber mixture that resists the penetration of chemicals. It is an easy to wear & adjust mask and is extremely lightweight. The mask visor is made from clear polycarbonate and coated with a scratch-resistant finish and is specially designed to prevent the accumulation of water vapor on the visor and creates a clear field of view for users. Vision range 85%.

Main Features & Advantages

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