FIDO - Field Oxygen System by MIROLA

Field Medicine Upgraded

Ranging from emergency and rescue services to military units and diving communities, FIDO’s innovative rebreathing system utilizing MIROLA’s patented technology, achieves unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness for a broad spectrum of end-users.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced respiratory systems, Impertech has joined MIROLA in the challenge of upgrading field medicine and promoting an advanced solution that will help save lives in critical health conditions, in Israel and the Middle East.

The efficient principle of FIDO

MIROLA’s patented technology enables the clever FIDO rebreathing system to be particularly compact, light, and efficient.

For a start, its completely mechanical rebreathing design makes FIDO inherently reliable. It also vastly reduces the amount of O2 required, allowing for a significantly smaller and lighter O₂ bottle to be used.

By using this technique, the only O₂ added is the amount spent by the treated person’s metabolism, resulting in FIDO delivering a considerably extended action-time in relation to the amount of O₂ consumed.


FIDO is an essential life-saving solution for the use of civilian or military field medical teams: emergency units, rescue teams, fire fighters, special forces etc.

How does it work?

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