Emerald Gas Mask

Multi-purpose Half Face Mask

Here at Impertech, we sell our COVID respirators wholesale business to business as well as direct to consumer.

Wholesale to businesses and larger audiences:

  • Hospitals
  • Private doctors
  • Old age homes
  • Any healthcare businesses
  • Airlines
  • Army/military bases
  • Schools

Direct to consumer:

  • Families looking to prepare for emergency situations
  • Citizens in environments where air quality is a threat to health
  • Citizens that travel frequently (workers in business, finance, real estate, etc)

The Emerald+ kit includes: The half face Emerald mask, a 45 L/min blower with a flexible hose batteries fitted for 15 hours of continuous work and 1 standard NBC filter.

How do we order?

Contact us at    salesg@impertechsafety.com

The Impertech Half-Face Gas Mask is a powered single-filter respirator with assistant blower. It is one of the most trusted protectors against bio-hazards and viruses. It was developed by the best scientists at Impertech to provide the highest standards of protection, as well as comfort and convenience. This anti-viral protective half-mask respirator is a favorite with medical teams around the world, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.   

The Emerald+ Half Face Mask provides full protection against particles such as: Dust; Mist; Fibers; Pollutants; Microorganisms and bacteria when used in accordance with the instructions, limitations and necessary health and safety regulations.

The intended use of the filter is to filter 99.975% of the particles in a contaminated environment, after attaching it to the half face mask and placing it over the face.

The "Emerald" is the No. 1 mask chosen by medical teams during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Impertech's innovative IM76 gas mask Is arriving Soon!

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