SIMPLEX - Black Diamond civilian Gas Mask


Symplex Gas Mask

Available stock: 100,000 units | NSN No: 4240-31-018-6851 


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Simplex, the popular CBRN mask, named also Black Diamond is an Adult NBC Face Mask used to protect users’ faces, eyes, and respiratory tracts against NBC threats and is manufactured from a rubber mixture that resists Chemical agent penetration. This Mask manufacturing is in accordance with Israeli Defense Forces technical specifications (strictest Protection system standards). The Black Diamond mask is lightweight and allows maximum comfort, effective communication, a large field of view and the ability to drink fluids during use.

The mask has a long shelf life (up to 25 years in the original packaging).

The package includes:

1 Symplex gas mask

1 NBC filter

1 liquid drinking tube

Impertech Safety is the official manufacturer of CBRN protection systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and supplies protection gear worldwide

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Weight 1.3 kg


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