Powered Air Purifying Pet Respirator Tent


Pet Respiratory Tent For Protection Under CBRN Threats


The Pet Respiratory Tent provides protection against chemical and biological agents, as well as radioactive dust particles. The filter has
a sturdy design appropriate for military and civil defense use, and can be reused if not exposed to chemical or radioactive hazards.

The tent is made from laminate-230, and has one entrance with 4 transparent squares. Its volume is 400 liters and it can contain
animal/s that weigh up to 10 Kg in total. Its total length is 1300 mm.



1x Robust Pet Respiratory Protective strong tent

2x New Sealed NBC Filters

Onyx 90 Blower + Battery CASE + 8 Batteries

Long flexible air hose

Adapted synthetic grass mat


The tent is designated for small and medium-size pets.

Warning: do not use it for kids and babies

Impertech Safety is the official manufacturer of CBRN protection systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and supplies protection gear worldwide

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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