Hematite CBRN Ruggedized Filter


CBRN Ruggedized Respirator Filter For Particles, Biohazards, and Viruses

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The HEMATITE NBC IDF Military and Industrial FILTER provides protection against all NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) as well as from Violent viruses like the Coved19.

The NBC filter is made from a rigid envelope that utilizes internal layers to provide effective protection against NBC agents. The NBC Filter is designed for use by civilians as well as emergency intervention teams. The filter is manufactured per requirements defined by IDF specifications.

The HEMATITE NBC allows low resistance breathing, excellent shielding properties, and high mechanical resistance. The HEMATITE NBC includes a standard thread and can be connected to protective systems manufactured in accordance with NBC standards.

The filter’s shelf life is over 20 years when stored in its original packaging. Filters are provided to various protection systems or sold separately as an accessory/replacement.

The package includes 1 HEMATITE NBC filters.

CE-marking - Fagerhult (International)approved by the European authorities





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