Sapphire CBRN respiration system and hood


Total coverage protective system from chemical threats, with Assistant  Blower

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Specially made to meet the latest challenges in CBRN, The Adult Sapphire Protective Hood provides superior protection and optimal comfort. Shaped for maximum seal, the hood protects regardless of facial structure or manual dexterity. Designed for individuals, aged 13 years and above.

Package includes:

1X Sapphire respiration system + hood

1X ONYX 45 Respirator Blower + 4 lithium batteries

1 NBC filter

Flexible air hose

Main Features


  • Protection factor of 10,000 PPM
  • Positive pressure system: an IMP 2005 blower supplies air up to 90 L/minute for improved protection and comfort
  • Panoramic polycarbonate visor
  • Clear optically-correct vision

User Comfort

  • Made of soft silicon laminate, one-size-fits-all
  • Seals around the neck and is compatible with eyeglasses, beards, etc
  • Easy to don and doff, comfortable for prolonged use
  • Nose-cup easily positioned with two diagonal straps fitted with quick-release buckles

Impertech Safety is the official manufacturer of CBRN protection systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and supplies protection gear worldwide.

Additional information

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