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Supergum has a team of experts with the goal of desiging and develop innovative products and technologies which will change the world of the automotive industry

The Supergum Engineering and R&D teams lead custom-made rubber and plastic products for highly diverse and leaders in the automotive industry. Our R&D team is using the best analysis tools and the most sophisticated labs at our sites.We are utilizing the most advanced software tools such as solid modeling (Solidworks and Catia), finite elements analysis (Ansys) and molding analysis (Mold flow) to design solutions effectively with unprecedented quality.

Our top labs include 3D Printers and allow us to create prototypes and perform development verification tests in the highest quality. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to iterate through the solutions design. We use lean production methodologies and project management to reduce costs and time.

Our Automotive Solutions

Seat Keapers

Proprietary design of Supergum. The Seat Kepars are able to absorb and isolate any kind of vibrations to allow smooth rides.

Interior Parts

Injection and compression molded parts for use inside the vehicle like pedal pads and transmission box covers.


Wide range of extruded and co-extruded profiles with rubber, metal wire, PVC and flock coating to allow minimum sliding resistance and meet any automotive applications.


Wide variety of shock absorbing parts, bushings and isolators. A combinations of rubber, plastic and metal for the most stringent dampening and absorption requirements and needs

Shift Boot Cover

Wide varaiaty of rubber and silicone shift boot covers for automatic and manual gears


Wide range of stabilizers to fix interior parts in buses and other vehicles as a safety feature

Seals and Gaskets

Wide range of seals and gaskets for buses and other vehicles. Custom made according to the specific vehicle and purpose

Air Deflectors

Designed fuel support parts to support and protect the external fuel tanks of trucks and busses, which can withstand exposure to ozone temp., oils and fuels

Door Seals

Special door seals designed to allow maximum noise and weather isolation, low door closing force, bridging gaps and rapid installation

Air Diffusers

Wide variety of air diffuser solutions for urban and commuter buses and vehicles


Wide range of bus handles for chairs, rails and engine covers of buses and vehicles

Stop Buttons

A custom design of stop buttons for urban buses, including embedded braille wordings

Safety Break Hammers

Wide varaiaty of safety break hammers for urban buses, with additional custom made features

Coin Dispenser

Convenient and robust coin dispensers for urban buses and taxis

Driver Box

Wide range of custom made boxes for personal and safety belongings of bus drivers



We use the best and most advanced rubber and plastic technologies and operate high end machinery and tolling.



Assembly Lines

CompressionInjectionComputerized Cutting Machines
InjectionExtrusionAssy NBC Products
Extrusion/Co-ExtrusionVaccum FormingComputerized Cutting Machines
Rubber/Textile/Metal/Plastic IntegrationHeat/HF/US WeldingAdhesion and Vulcanization
BondingWater Jet CuttingMolding Processes for Sealing Systems
Liquid SiliconCNC CuttingElectroMechanic Assy
Recycled Rubber
Tubes and Pipes

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"Your support to Navistar Business is vital and highly appreciated. Your commitment to quality of your products is above expectations."

Jermy Serres, Navistar

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