Engineering Capabilities

Our Service Personnel

Supergum’s R&D team includes engineers who specialize in material, chemical, mechanical and aeronautical engineering. Our engineers possess vast knowledge and experience in elastomer and thermoplastic solution planning and implementation, for a wide range of industries.


We collaborate with our clients both in our manufacturing plant and in their facilities, and provide comprehensive guidance throughout all relevant trial and testing stages. We are strong believers in joint brainstorming sessions, collaborative teamwork and robust professional relationships. We strive to implement our abundant engineering knowledge, for the benefit of our clients.

The Product Development Process

We are always excited to develop and manufacture unique solutions, and to overcome engineering challenges. The development process begins with a detailed requirement specification, which is followed by material and technology allocation in accordance with quantity lists and budget restrictions. Before we begin serial manufacturing, we create and test product prototypes, and make all necessary adjustments.

Product development

Our R&D department is committed to end-to-end product planning, from the initial specification stage, to planning and serial manufacturing.


This process entails the development of a product that replaces an existing product, usually in order to reduce costs and improve operational capabilities.

Client-centric manufacturing

Planning based on client drawings and specifications. Includes material and compound adjustments, for optimal product fabrication.

Consultation for Optimal Solutions

Precise and creative thinking is the key to deficiency correction, product life cycle improvement, cost-efficiency and an increase in production.
Our clients benefit from comprehensive technical consultation, which is geared towards creating products that fit their requirements. Our consultation process includes measurements, material selection based on extreme working conditions, product manufacturing for extreme temperatures, aggressive chemical environments, high-erosion conditions, and more.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that knowledge breeds success. This is especially true for unique and valuable knowledge that pertains to rubber and sealing. Our knowledge sharing tradition includes conferences, tours and lectures, which are organized at our facilities. Our goal is to expose engineers to the world of elastomers and to enrich their professional expertise.
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