Silicone Products

Supergum manufactures high-heat silicone rubber (HTV, HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR), in cutting-edge processes like extrusion and molding. We manufacture tubes, profiles and molded parts in advanced manufacturing techniques.
Silicone is a soft, elastic and durable, Long service life material, total weather resistance, and working in a wide temperature range from -40 OC to 220 OC. The basic silicon types are customizable to the user and customer requirements.


We have special silicone types that can provide the following unique features:

  • Resistance to temperatures of +260 OC or cold of -125 OC
  • Has very low friction coefficient, or can perform self-lubrication.
  • Extremely low hardness, as low as 0 Shore A.
  • High transparency for light transmission.
    Very high elongation 1100%
  • With a low or high modulus
    Resistant to specific chemicals
  • Can be physiologically safe, hypoallergenic
  • Grades of medical use
  • Electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and fire resistance

Additional special types according to specific requirement.

Most types of silicone are approved for use with approved food USA:

FDA21 CFR §177.2600 or BfR (Former BgVV)
Silicone is also available in sponge for low compression applications.

Our team of development engineers with 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of silicone products and with control of the most advanced production technologies, and at the disposal of the customers for support and development of silicon products.

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Silicone O-Ring V-ring & Washers

Silicone rubber molded structural parts

Silicone rubber extruded seals

Solid bonded seal

Silicone rubber inflatable seal

Solid silicone rubber sheets

Hot air fabric reinforced hoses

Silicone O-Ring & Washers

Silicone O-Ring

O-ring is mainly used in fluid static application (For example, water, oil, air, chemicals solvent, chemicals, etc. ) . In General, the temperature range is from -60 ℃ up to +220 ℃. Silicone rings are considered very elastic and soft and have a very long working life. The orings supplied as Parker size standards, milimetric or specials.

o ring סיליקון

Silicone Rubber Washer

Silicone Rubber washer full sizes range, full colors, range of hardness., normally used to support the weight of a threaded fastener. used as a spacer or spring) and provide an added sealing benefit, prevent vibration and reduction the noise levels.

Silicone O-Ring & Washers

Supergum is engaged in customized production of all kinds of silicone rubber molded structural parts in square, round and other irregular shapes. In addition to achieving the general properties, our company can also produce other silicone rubber products with electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, fire resistance and other special properties.
Square silicon rubber molding
Profiled silicon rubber molded
Round silicon rubber seals
Vacuum cups
Round silicon rubber seals
Medical silicon rubber parts

Silicone rubber extruded seals

Supergum produces many types of silicone profiles for sealing applications, most of them in shapes tailored to customer requirements. The type of silicone is adapted to the terms of use and customer requirements. Supergum’s engineering department has the customer at their disposal for development, planning, consulting, selecting the right materials and an efficient production method that fits your product.

Solid non-hollow seal
Foam non-hollow seal
Solid hollow seal
Composite seal
Foam hollow seal
Adhesive seal

Silicone bonded seal

silicone gaskets are provided as a closed ring and are made of extrusion profile (extrusion) followed by gluing or gluing to a ring-shaped closure. In this way, large gaskets are obtained without the need for large molds and heavy production costs as is usually required for such large products.
Solid bonded seal
Foam bonded seal

Silicone rubber inflatable seal

Supergum supply Inflatable (Gaskets) seals, which are made from high strength FDA Approved Transparent Silicon Rubber and comply to class 21 CRF 177.2600.


Our seals provide on inflatable sealing solution, for oven Door Seals and sterilizer


When air pressure is applied, the seal either expands or raised up to meet the sealing face.


  • It provides a Leak Proof closure, yet allows clearance when needed.


  • It minimizes the need of close matching and fabricating tolerance.

Silicone Rubber Sheets

Supergun manufacture cut gaskets, from gasket sheets. The gaskets are according to customer’s spec Die cut is made by special die CNC cutting: we have a CNC cutting machine, with a special head for cutting elastomeric material The CNC works with 2D file, the results are very accurate.
לוחות/יריעות סיליקון
Solid silicone rubber sheets
Foamed silicone rubber sheets
Stamping & Adhesive

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