Disaster Managment

Supergum supplies a wide variety of products to energy companies, including the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), energy facilities, solar energy providers, fuel suppliers and more.

Supergum manufactureד products for the energy industry, knowing that they must be weather-resistant and exhibit long lifecycles. They must be resistant to gases, environmental conditions, oils, erosion, combustion and shocks. They must also have sufficient electric insulation.

We manufacture our products using a wide range of cutting-edge materials, including EPDM, SBR, NR, NBR, CR, PU, silicone, Viton®, fluorosilicone and more.

Our range of products includes insulating materials, non-asbestos sealing materials, conveyor belts & accessories, expansion joints, fuel and oil resistance rubber parts,  special gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, heat exchangers gaskets, rubber sealing, rubber molding parts, O-rings, rubber casting on metal parts, rubber sheets & rolls, machine parts, gaskets, silicone products, rubber profiles, rubber hoses, shock absorbers, cushioning, plastic parts, warning balls, plastic hoses and insulating materials (including electrical insulation).

Our R&D department engineers specialize in numerous fields of expertise, including electricity, chemistry, machinery and computer-aided design. Our teams work together to perform complex product planning and design, strict material analysis and adaptation, validation and FAI testing.

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