מנכ"ל משרד הבריאות פרופ' חזי לוי חילק מסכות עם דגלי ישראל ואיחוד האמירויות

History in the air: First direct Israel-UAE flight takes off from Tel Aviv all wearing Masks with the Israeli flag and the United Arab Emirates made by Impertech-safety from the Supergum Group.

Masking Up for Peace Masking Up for Peace On board the historic first direct flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, the Israeli peace delegation were all wearing face masks customized with the Israeli and Emirati flags, made by Impertech-Safety from the Supergum Group An important delegation of Israeli and U.S. officials flew to Abu Dhabi on August 30, 2020, on the first El Al flight to ever fly over Saudi Arabian airspace, for a two-day visit to sign historic agreements on civic and economic cooperation between Israel and the UAE. To protect the officials from the COVID-19 pandemic,

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“Emerald” A new Hermetic Half Face Corona Respirator

Impertech presents the “Emerald” A new Hermetic Half Face Corona Respirator

Impertech presents the “Emerald” A new Hermetic Half Face Corona Respirato Impertech Safety, which is considered a global expert in the field of respiratory and skin protection, joins the fight against COVID-19:  Has developed a breathing kit for hospital staffs. The new mask will be used by staffs in Israeli hospitals. With 300 – 400 Protection factor higher than existing protective equipment.     The “Emerald” mask kit, meets the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Research & Development Authority and was recently approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and was distributed to staff at Meir Hospital and others.   “The Emerald”

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Rubber Injection Moulding Technology

Rubber Injection Moulding Technology Rubber products are made using various technologies. One of the common manufacturing technologies of rubber products is Injection. Injection molding is used to produce rubber products for various applications. For example, at Supergum we use rubber molding to produce small items such as O-rings and V-shaped ring seals and other sealing application which are more robust products such as automotive and aerospace parts. The production injection process The injection molding process includes several steps which are illustrated in figure 1: 1. Uncured rubber in a measured amount is injected into the molding machine through a nozzle. 2.

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מסכות נשמיות כירורגיות חד פעמיות לבנות

Supergum Group Offers PPE and Production Consultancy to Healthcare Providers & Governments

Supergum Group Offers PPE and Production Consultancy to Healthcare Providers & Governments With many countries facing shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), one of Israel’s leading manufacturers is offering to share its production expertise and provide emergency supplies TEL AVIV, Israel, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Up on the COVID-19 pandemic, Governments are now recognizing the importance of establishing local production facilities for the ongoing large-scale manufacture of PPE, for use in healthcare and government facilities and for their populations. One factor in Israel’s success in suppressing the first wave of the pandemic was the decision to request local manufacturers of high-quality PPE equipment

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