Sheets and Rolls

We offer the widest rubber sheeting range available in the market, and at the same time, we are specialists in developing new products. In our rubber sheeting range you will always find the ideal solution for any sealing or abrasion protection problem, even in the most demanding industrial environments.


Supergum manufactures gaskets according to all known international standards and also in custom shape and size according to client requirements.


Our state-of-the-art technology cuts gaskets with maximum precision and optimal cutting quality.

Our advanced Digital CNC machine uses a special cutting knife to cut gaskets up to 20mm thick from rubber materials,. Cutting is implemented after a CAD file of the gasket is uploaded to the machine.


We represent several leading global rubber and gasket manufacturers, such as:

Trelleborg, which specializes in rubber sheets and flexible rubber hoses.

Industrial Rubber Sheets and Rolls


65 Shore A Chloroprene. Flexible. Strong mechanical deformations allowed. Good ratio quality/price.


70 Shore A EPDM. Very good resistance to ozone and ageing. Excellent temperature resistance (-40/+120°C).

SBR R608

60 Shore A SBR for general purpose use. Flexible. Good ageing resistance. Good low temperature resistance.

Silicone Sheeting

Transparent food grade silicone, meeting regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and FDA classification.


Black FKM VitonTM 70 sheetin. Excellent chemical and hydrocarbons resistance. Excellent temperature resistance (+250ºC).


High grade CSM 60 for technical applications. Excellent weather and ozone resistance. Good resistance to alcohols and acids.


High grade Butyl 60 for technical applications. Excellent ageing and ozone resistance. Good resistance to diluted acids and bases.

Wear resistant sheeting

wide range of wear and impact resistant rubber sheeting for the mining and quarrying industries and other purposes that helps solve abrasion wear problems, mechanical impact damages, erosion or corrosion.
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