What makes the these Fingers into the best rubber chicken pluckers for the poultry industry?

Chicken Fingers for Defeathering Machines
When it comes to the food industry, we know that having the proper sanitation tools is
absolutely essential for the success of your business. Poultry slaughterhouses, in particular,
depend on specialized tools to clean and prepare the poultry as efficiently as possible. Here
at SuperGum, we offer the best rubber chicken plucking fingers for your defeathering
machines to ensure your customers and clients are receiving the cleanest selection of
chickens as possible.
Designed and manufactured by our in-house team, our private company engineered a
one-of-a-kind design to offer maximum efficiency and quality specifically for the poultry
industry. Our poultry feather pluckers are designed to withstand low temperatures and proven
to exceed the industry standard for cold water performance as required by Kosher laws. Made
to thrive in high-friction and low-temperature environments, these rubber fingers are
constructed with high-quality material rubber to ensure they will last in the typical poultry
plucking environment.
Our renowned plucker fingers for the poultry industry have been pilot-tested in independently
owned warehouses to conclude that the Chacko & Chucky picking fingers save time and
money due to less machinery maintenance as well as increase sanitation of chickens by
performing well in both hot and cold water while catching less bacteria.
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