Supergum has been the official distributor of Continental’s Air Springs Division for the Israeli after market for more than a decade.


These products have been available in the Israeli market for many years and have been proven to be premium products with longer lifespans than those offered by competitors.


Large vehicle fleets in Israel demonstrate that investing in a quality product leads to substantial vehicle maintenance cost savings.


Continental offers solutions for the entire industry of automotive, bus, truck, train, trailer etc.

Air Spring Systems offers more than 2,000 lines worldwide, thereby covering almost all air spring lines for trailers, trucks and buses. Three standalone brands are available to tailor the product range perfectly to the diverse needs of the markets.


The ContiTech premium brand brings together
our pooled expertise as a development partner
to, and OEM for, the major companies worldwide.
ContiTech air springs are specially developed
as original equipment.
The brand therefore guarantees the ultimate
in quality criteria and meets the stringent
requirements of vehicle manufacturers in the
international aftermarket.

The ContiTech premium brand offers you:
> 100 % OE quality
> Global availability
> Complete OEM range, also for the aftermarket
> Precisely configured suspension characteristics
> Maximum service life
> Maximum load capacity
> Simple and precise fitting
> ContiTech air spring range:
– Europe 660 types
– USA/NAFTA 900 types

With more than 60 years’ experience as an
OE supplier or in the air springs aftermarket,
PHOENIX has established its position as a
strong brand.
The extensive offering of air springs also includes
numerous niche products. We are therefore able
to offer our customers an extensive range with
attractive cost benefits.

The PHOENIX quality brand offers you:
> Top quality
> Global availability
> Extensive commercial vehicle product portfolio
> Proven suspension characteristics
> Long service life
> High load capacity
> Simple and precise fitting
> PHOENIX air spring range:
– Europe 360 types

PRIME-RIDE® has been an established brand
for commercial vehicle air springs with an
attractive price/performance ratio since 1998.
With their materials subject to ongoing review
to optimize costs and the products themselves
manufactured on certified machinery, PRIME-RIDE®
products offer an interesting alternative, and not
just for older vehicles.

The PRIME-RIDE budget brand offers you:
> High quality
> Excellent availability (ex stock)
> The major commercial vehicle applications
> Balanced suspension characteristics
> Effective service life
> Good load capacity
> Simple and precise fitting
> PRIME–RIDE air spring range:
– Europe 330 types
– USA/NAFTA 50 types

A Variety of Uses


In buses, air springs deliver safety and ride comfort. Thanks to the self-leveling system, the vehicle remains at the same level, which means that the boarding level also remains unchanged, regardless of the number of passengers.

With additional control functions, the vehicle body can “kneel”, which aids entry and alighting.

This generally entails fitting two air springs to the front axle and trailing axle and four on the rear or drive axles.


The weight of a truck, and therefore its axle load, fluctuates greatly depending on the payload at any given moment. To meet the resulting suspension requirements, virtually all commercial vehicle manufacturers now employ air springs.

In providing for level control, air springs also guarantee that the vehicle body maintains a constant road clearance. This, in turn, ensures safe driving regardless of the loading conditions.

The vehicle body can also be raised or lowered by means of air springs actuated via optional auxiliary manual controls. This is of particular use for adjusting the vehicle body height to the level of a ramp or in placing an interchangeable platform.


Air suspension on trailers not only ensures gentler treatment of the load being hauled but also less wear and tear on the roads. This aspect is of growing importance as traffic volume becomes increasing dense.

As a rule, each axle has two air springs. In multi-axle combinations, one axle is frequently provided with an axle-lifting device to protect the tires on empty runs or when the vehicle is only partially loaded.

Usually, convoluted air springs are used for raising and lowering lift axles.

Air Spring Press

ContiTech has expanded its workshop  portfolio. The company can now supply its own air spring press  for fitting aftermarket air springs in commercial vehicles. This simplifies the work for the mechanics in folding the air spring in on itself and therefore  fitting it in the truck or bus.


  • Suitable for the ContiTech, PHOENIX and PRIME-RIDE brands
  • For folding air springs in on themselves and fitting bellows onto  pistons
  • Time savings thanks  to easy,  fast fitting
  • Compact  design, ergonomic handling
  • Avoidance of damage to air springs
  • Safe operations in the workshop
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