Guardian- Single Filter Half Mask

Guardian- Single Filter Half Mask

Guardian CBRN Respirators – Your trusted protector from Bio Hazards and Viruses

General Description

The Guardian Mask developed by Impertech, a subsidiary of Supergum Group, a leading one stop shop for Respiratory protection equipment for both civilian and military teams for more than 30 years, for providing an immediate and effective solution to the struggle against biological threats, including the corona virus, in particular.

The especially developed anatomical structure integrates advanced substances and a state-of-the-art filtering system, enabling sealing and absolute protection during continuous most complex physical activity as well.

For us, at Impertech, the production of non-perishables is a way of life. The Guardian was development as a reusable mask that can be disinfected easily after use.

  • The highest efficacy with screening of particles up to 3.0 μm.
  • Reusable (resistant to disinfectants such as the various types of alcohol).
  • Maximum sealing.
  • Durable over time.
  • Comfortable and flexible during the most complex actions as well.
  • The ergonomic structure is adjustable to all facial contours.
  • The design has been adapted for optimal use together with glasses and protective goggles.
  • Made in Israel.
  • An integral blower for improving protection and maximal comfort for the user.

The Guardian Mask Includes

The Guardian Mask is especially adapted for use by:

  • The police and law enforcement forces
  • Security forces
  • IDF – Israel Defense Forces
  • Medical teams
  • Emergency medicine rescue forces
  • Fire fighting forces
  • Hospital/pharmacy staff
  • Production line employees who use masks frequency

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