Space & Aviation

An advanced manufacturing atmosphere

The modern aviation industry relies on lightweight rubber and plastic products for their aeronautical solutions. These products are characterized by strength and endurance to extreme temperatures and weather.


Supergum is known as a leading manufacturer for the space and aviation industry. Supergum runs a meticulous, high-quality manufacturing operation that complies with AS9100 standards. We work with prominent industry organizations, including ELBIT, IAI, RAFAEL and the IDF.


Supergum manufactures diverse products for the space and aviation industry, including gaskets, special accessories, containers and items that are an integral part of airplane structures. We use unique elastomers and other materials that can withstand high-effort environments, extreme temperatures and tough conditions – such as POM, 66PA, PEEK silicone, fluorosilicone, Viton®, PFKM and more. These materials ensure long-term durability and high safety levels.


Supergum’s R&D department employs engineers from a variety of fields that are relevant to the space and aviation industry, including aeronautics, mechanics, chemistry, software and computer-aided design. Aviation product planning requires a professional operation that encompasses effort analysis, material compatibility with different work environments, and chemical & temperature endurance. Working in accordance with structured procedures, our professional staff conducts validation and FAI testing, as required by the industry’s most stringent standards.  

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