Rubber Sealing

As a leading designer and manufacturer of seals, SUPERGUM offers the industry’s broadest range of products to meet your seal requirements. Our goal is to maximize our ability to provide quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

Rubber seals are always critical to the function of the assembly and the manufacturer’s products.

They are made out of synthetic rubber to ensure resistance of high pressure, temperature and volatile media, in a wide range of dimensions. The wide various rubber gaskets are manufactured using different technologies including injection molding and compression process. Our custom rubber seals are used in many industry-wide applications like Fluid Handling, Power Generation, Aerospace, Chemical & Process Industry, Automotive and Foods.



  • Elastomer compounds: CR,  EPDM, SBR, NBR, HNBR, NR, BR, CSM, CM, PU, FKM (Viton®) VMQ (Silicone), FVMQ (Fluor silicone)
  • A vast range of sizes available (standard and Non-standard sizes)
  • Hardness Shore A in a range of 40 to 90
  • Tested and approved compounds for various applications

Rubber Sealing Solutions


O-Rings are typically called out by the inner diameter of the torus and the diameter of the round cross-section. Rings are made of elastomers which are with resilience or memory sufficient to return to its original shape after a major or minor distortion,  for dynamic and static application.

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Rubber Washer

Rubber washer is defined as a thin disk made of rubber with a hole in the middle used in mechanical devices, normally used to support the weight of a threaded fastener. It also able to accommodate difficult spaces ( used as a spacer or spring) and provide an added sealing benefit, to prevent vibration and reduction the noise levels. All washers including rubber washers have an outer diameter (OD) about twice their inside diameter (ID). Several manufacturing  processes can be used additional to molding process (die cut, waterjet cut, etc.).
Rubber Washer allowing you to successfully weather-proof your project.


The V- seal is an all-rubber seal that mounts directly on the shaft and seals axially against counterface, housing, seal case or similar surface. It is held in place by the inherent tension of the seal body, the long flexible lip is designed to act like a mechanical face seal . V-rings are suitable for both grease and oil lubricated applications. It can be used as a primary or as a secondary back-up seal.


X-Rings have a sealing function doubling that of an o-ring, and can be used in a numerous static and dynamic sealing applications. Increases life for the seal ring – With multiple seal points, less squeeze is required to provide an effective seal. This means less friction and wear which will increase seal life and lower maintenance costs.

Rubber Flat Gasket

Rubber gasket is a mechanical seal that is used primarily to prevent leaks of gas or liquid, from or into the joined objects while under compression, but can be used as a barrier between two objects, such as two metals or chemicals. They are often utilized as protection from outside elements as well.

These gaskets can be manufactured from minimum thickness of 0.5 mm, Flat gaskets are superior seals custom designed to fit specific housing, for a wide range of applications and industries worldwide.

Custom rubber products

Rubber seal products are customized to the required shape, manufactured using advanced production methods.


From the most exotic seal to miniature shapes, our custom-designed,  shaped seals meet costumer’s specifications. SUPERGUM can offer custom seals in a wide variety of materials, addition to our consultation services and support through the entire process, from development to serial production.

Rubber Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchanger

The PHE rubber gaskets are used to seal Plate heat exchangers to prevent fluids escape and fill any irregularities. These PHE Rubber Gaskets are also used to prevent any leakage under compression.


These gaskets are created using high grade material such as in Nitrile, EPDM, Viton and HNBR rubber that are highly compressible. Each rubber polymer that gaskets are manufactured from has its own resistance to various chemicals. In order to maximize gasket lifetime, prevent process contamination and avoid failure it is important to ensure the correct gasket material is selected. We manufacture PHE gaskets to fulfill the varied requirements of several industries as per client requirement,  also can produced up to 2 meter*1.2 meter.

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