Rubber Profiles

Our extruders are capable of creating profiles from the following materials: NR,  SBR, NBR, SILICON, EPDM, PEROXIDE EPDM, Chloroprene and low density rubber foam.


Our goal is to provide engineers and OEMs with cost-effective elastomeric products without sacrificing quality. We use quality control and proven technologies to fulfill your design requirements and help you tackle unique manufacturing challenges. A comprehensive offering of materials and value-added services mean we have everything you need to complete your custom rubber seal project.


Our Capabilities:

  • Hot air continuous vulcanization lines
  • Molten salt continuous vulcanization lines
  • We have large range of vulcanizing equipment that enables us to offer cut and joined Corners or joint welding
  • Application of self-adhesive tapes
  • On line printing machine
  • Other actions such as cutting, drilling, punching, notching and slotting

Our Rubber Profiles

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תל אביב– קניון גן העיר, אבן גבירול 71
מודיעין– ישפרו סנטר, שדרות המלאכות 121
חדרה– שדרות רוטשילד 36
באר שבע– מתחם BIG, חיל ההנדסה 1
נתניה– הרצל 7
עפולה- מתחם BIG, יהושע חנקין 14
שדרות– סמטת הפלדה 20
רחובות- ביל”ו 41
נס ציונה- ישפרו סנטר, צומת הפטיש 6


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