Plastic Welding Products

Supergum has a vast experience in welded plastic products. The welding used as a standalone technology, as well as in complicated products, that combine welding with additional technologies. 


Supergum welded products manufacture for various applications, such as CBRN protective gear, nuclear industries disposable products, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries production equipment and up to medical devices and consumer products.


Supergum can give the customers a good response to their needs and find the perfect solution with the knowledge, the experience, and the right equipment.


Supergum works according to international standards, military standards, vehicle and aerospace standards, and food and medical devices standards.  


Plastic welding is a method for fusing together elements made from thermoplastic materials.

We have three technologies of plastic welding

HF welding – used for soft thermoplastic Martials like PVC and PU

In high-frequency welding, two layers are welded together after being exposed to HF waves for a short period of time. The HF waves create heat between the layers which cause melting of the layers and combine to one after cooling

US welding – Use for thermoplastic rigid materials

Ultrasonic waves create friction between two rigid parts, this causes a heat that combines the elements together.

Heat welding – used for soft PE and laminated PE

In heat welding, two elements combined together after exposure to high heat at the precise welding point or line. Once the elements have cooled, they are inseparable.

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