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Supergum is a certified OEM for the global automotive industry, servicing clients such as MAN International, Van Hool and Volkswagen. We are also the proud three-time recipients of the Best Importer Award.


Supergum’s US and Europe-based warehouses deliver products directly to automotive assembly lines. Our R&D department uses the most advanced computer-aided design tools, in order to provide auto manufacturers with efficient and cost-effective solutions. We utilize advanced software tools such as solid modeling (SolidWorks and Catia), finite elements analysis (Ansys) and molding analysis (Moldflow) to design products of unprecedented quality.


A majority of our automotive products are serially manufactured from rubber and plastic, including custom-made radiator pipes, engine mounts and rubber profiles. We use 3D Printers and other lab tools to create prototypes and perform high-quality development verification tests. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to iterate solutions design, while using lean production methodologies to reduce costs and delivery times.


All products are manufactured under strict quality standards, including IATF 16949.

Interior Rubber Parts

Hood Latches

Wide variety of truck and bus hood latches, any shape, size and material. Custom designed, manufactured and tested according to the customer's concept and requirements

Pedal pad rubber

Brake or clutch pedal pad, anti slip.

Seals and Gaskets

Wide range of seals and gaskets for buses and other vehicles. Custom made according to the specific vehicle and purpose.

Shock Absorbing Parts

Wide variety of shock absorbing parts.

Seat Keapers

Proprietary design of Supergum. The Seat Kepars are able to absorb and isolate any kind of vibrations to allow smooth rides.


Wide variety of shock absorbing parts, bushings and isolators. A combinations of rubber, plastic and metal for the most stringent dampening and absorption requirements and needs


Wide range of stabilizers to fix interior parts in buses and other vehicles as a safety feature.

Diesel Fuel Gaskets

Especially designed for high durability to diesel fuel.

Shift Boot Cover

Wide varaiaty of rubber and silicone shift boot covers for automatic and manual gears.


Rubber, metal and plastic hood and cabin isolators and supports which are assembled inside and outside the cabin

Rubber & Plastic Profiles

Wide range of extruded and co-extruded profiles with rubber, metal wire, PVC and flock coating to allow minimum sliding resistance and meet any automotive applications.

Door Seals

Special door seals designed to allow maximum noise and weather isolation, low door closing force, bridging gaps and rapid installation.

Steps Profile

Anti slip, finish step ladder, corner profile.

Fuel Tank Supports

Designed fuel support parts to support and protect the external fuel tanks of trucks and busses, which can withstand exposure to ozone temp., oils and fuels

Air Deflectors

Specially designed air deflectors for use inside the engine’s compartment and function in extremely high temperature environments.

Safety Edges

Non-touch safety systems and pressure-sensitive sensors for buses and rail vehicles. The sensors stop dangerous movements on automatically controlled doors and provide reliable obstacle detection and bump protection.

Rubber Profiles

Wide range of rubber profiles to allow minimum sliding resistance and meet any automotive applications.

Door - Rear Lid Profiles

Wide range of extruded and co extruded profiles with rubber, metal wire, PVC and flock coating to allow minimum sliding resistance and meet any automotive application.

Window Seals

Easy to install to reduce cost, provide effective noise and weather sealing. Taylor made by profile splicing and corner injection by joining different shapes and types of profiles/seals.

Supergum In High Gear!

After over 20 years of original rubber & plastic equipment manufacturing (OEM) for the automotive industry in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949 standard, we are proud to announce that we have recently received the new and updated IATF 16949:2016 international URS certification.

Coolant System Hoses

Silicone Coolant Hoses

Silicone coolant hoses in a range of shapes, colors and sizes. Our standard yellow Silicone/Polyester hoses meet the requirements of SAE J18 R4 Class A.

Flexible Convoluted Hoses

Flexible silicone coolant hoses in a range of shapes, colors and sizes. Exceptional “positive” and “negative” Pressure-resistance.

Turbocharger / Charge-Air-Cooler Hoses

Silicone Turbo charger hoses maintain a SAEJ20 Class A specifications. The hoses are ideal for connections between engine mounted charge air cooler system parts.

Flexible Hoses

High flexibilty and extraordinary resilience -also under extreme conditions- qualify-Products for most different applications.

EPDM Hoses

Automotive and Industrial – Suction/Vacuum hoses, Radiator hoses, Air & Water hoses.

EPDM/Neoprene Hoses

We supply EPDM & Neoprene hoses in a wide range of standard and customized shapes and sizes, with different fabric reinforced options.

Air Springs for the Aftermarket

Air Spring Systems offers more than 2,000 lines worldwide, thereby covering almost all air spring lines for trailers, trucks and buses. Three standalone brands are available to tailor the product range perfectly to the diverse needs of the markets.

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Bus Accessories

Special Solutions

Numeric display device​

Used as a backup for the main digital digit display of the bus. The numbers are printed in white on a black background, allowing a
minimum of 30 meters of vision.

Fire escape Blanket​

Fire blanket is the safest way to escape from a burning place, The fire blanket meets the relevant American standards, made from cooling gel coated fabric.

Acoustic and thermal blanket insulation​

Acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, from various insulation materials, for the automotive industry.

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