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Optimal durability. Uncompromising precision.

Israel’s defense industry is very advanced, and its reputation for innovation is well-known all over the world.


For the past 60 years, Supergum has worked tirelessly to create products that meet the strict requirements of Israel’s defense institutions. Every product must be impeccably designed and manufactured, in order to ensure optimal usage under all conditions and long-term storage suitability, while complying with many other important parameters.


Supergum was one of the first factories to manage quality assurance based on ISO 9001 standards, as well as the strict standards of Israel’s Ministry of Defense.


We work closely with engineers and buyers to design unique products for diverse environments, focusing on climate durability, fire resistance, chemical resistance and low gas emittance during combustion.


Many of our products are designed for military use. We work in accordance with a wide range of military standards, including IDF standards and the US military standard (Mil-Spec). Our engineers and lab teams partner with defense industry R&D professionals to create products that fit their requirements with optimal precision. 

Weapon Accessories

Supergum manufactures a wide range of butt stocks in accordance with specific client requirements.

The butt stock includes a rubber casting butt pad, which enables a steady, slide-free grip. The butt pad is also highly solvent-resistant.

Flat Butt Stocks

Rounded Butt Stocks

Concave Butt Stocks

Butt Stocks

Negev Handle

The Negev Handle is made of plastic and metal parts. Its purpose is to help soldiers carry their Negev machine guns.

Butt Stock for M16​

The M16's rubber gunstock enables friction and a steady hold. It includes an area that carries spare batteries that can activate the soldier's equipment.

Hand Guards

The Hand Guards are made of plastic and metal. They are available for a wide range of weapons. All Hand Guards are tested in real combat conditions.

Weapon Safety Accessories

Safety Stopper for launcher

Used for check the weapon's internal area and for training The diameter of the manufactured product may vary according to the bullet's diameter.

Barrel Blocking Rod

The blocking rod was designed and adjusted in order to improve the safety conditions of the military training. Used to ensure that no bullet is placed in the chamber during training.

Unintentional Discharge Preventer for M16

A safety accessory installed in the chamber. The UDP is used to ensure the weapon is inactive.

Barrel block for Machine Gun

Unintentional discharge preventer a safety accessory installed in the chamber. The UDP is used in order to make sure the weapon is inactive.

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Shock Absorbers & Fenders

Foam shock Absorbers

Helmet padding sponge, made of low density polyurethane foam with integral skin.

Shock Absorbers for Heavy Loads

Shock absorbers under a missile chassis.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorber design to develop attenuation of 3.5 at frequency of 16 Hz Built to camera gyroscope.

Rubber Fenders

A series of rubber fenders for wall protection, loading surfaces, traffic areas of vehicles and boating, rubber adapted to load resistance and environmental conditions.

Shock Absorbing Parts

Wide variety of shock absorbing parts.

Shock Absorber for Cannon

A special shock absorber for the cannon, mounted on the turret and designed to stop the barrel movement.

Shock Absorber for Tank

Shock absorber for tank, to 70 ton load.

Rubber Hoses & Coolant System Hoses

Silicone Coolant Hoses

Silicone coolant hoses in a range of shapes, colors and sizes. Our standard yellow Silicone/Polyester hoses meet the requirements of SAE J18 R4 Class A.

Flexible Convoluted Hoses

Flexible silicone coolant hoses in a range of shapes, colors and sizes. Exceptional “positive” and “negative” Pressure-resistance.

Turbocharger / Charge-Air-Cooler Hoses

Maintain a SAEJ20 Class A specifications. The hoses are ideal for connections between engine mounted charge air cooler system parts.

Flexible Hoses

High flexibilty and extraordinary resilience -also under extreme conditions- qualify-Products for most different applications.

EPDM Hoses

Automotive and Industrial – Suction/Vacuum hoses, Radiator hoses, Air & Water hoses.

EPDM/Neoprene Hoses​

Rubber hoses in a wide range of customized shapes & sizes, with different fabric reinforced options.

Silicone Hot Air Flexible Hoses

Silicone hot air hoses in a range of shapes, colors and sizes.

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Riot Control

Plastic Ammunition

Non-lethal plastic ammunition for riot control


60 cm long, with a Hardened steel knocker for shatter tempered glass, special and non-brittle plastic material.

Rubber Bullets

Extremely heavy rubber bullets are used for non-lethal injury or riot control.

Policeman Shield

Polycarbonate shield anti riot control. Lightweight non breakable, Fire resistance, Built to spec and baton holder.

Soldier Equipment

Personal Water Container

Supergum's military canteen is designed and tested to withstand a combat environment.


Silicon high performance Tourniquet Stop Blood Bleeding Strap. Flexible, strong, long last.

Water Bladder

3 litter water bladder for soldiers, strong, lightweight smart mousepiece device, easy to use.

Equipment for Ranges

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Special Solutions

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