A flow of top-quality solutions

Supergum manufactures rubber and plastic-based products for water containers, water transportation units, irrigation, treated wastewater transportation pipes and more.


The water and agriculture industries use a wide variety of seals, gaskets and sealing methods, which must be able to withstand water pressure and display high heat, UV, ozone, fume and chemical resistance. When containing or transporting drinking water, the rubber sealing must be safe for use, and must not impact water taste or smell.


At Supergum, we manufacture high-elasticity seals and gaskets in accordance with leading international standards (FDA, ACS, DVGW, WRc, MSF 372, NSF ANSI 61, etc.). We manufacture O-rings, V-rings, pipes and a wide variety of products made from such materials as EPDM, SBR, NR, CR, silicone and Viton®. We provide our clients with both full turnkey products and tailor-made solutions.

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