Masking Up for Peace

On board the historic first direct flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, the Israeli peace delegation were all wearing face masks customized with the Israeli and Emirati flags, made by Impertech-Safety from the Supergum Group


An important delegation of Israeli and U.S. officials flew to Abu Dhabi on August 30, 2020, on the first El Al flight to ever fly over Saudi Arabian airspace, for a two-day visit to sign historic agreements on civic and economic cooperation between Israel and the UAE. To protect the officials from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone on board was issued with Israel’s most effective face mask.

The General Director of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Professor Hezi Levy, arranged for all of the Israel-UAE delegation members to be equipped with high quality anti-bacterial face masks decorated with the Israeli and the United Arab Emirates flags.

Impertech-Safety’s Crystal Face Masks are recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Health as the most effective and comfortable anti-bacterial face covering, with a 98% protection factor. This makes it more effective than the widely used N95 mask, which only has a 95% protection factor, and it is highly recommended by medical professionals because it is easy to breathe through and wear for long periods of time. Crystal masks are made from a high quality fabric with unique filtering qualities, and they have been designed to provide full face protection against airborne biohazards.

The Supergum Group’s Impertech Safety division became Israel’s official anti-COVID mask supplier in March 2020, when the government tasked the company with setting up a dedicated production line to produce 60 million masks. Their factory in the Barkan Industrial Estate in Northern Israel has been manufacturing Crystal masks at full capacity since then, and they are distributed to Israel’s hospitals, health funds, army bases and medical facilities. Impertech Safety has also been assisting other countries’ governments and manufacturers with setting up domestic production facilities for personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks.

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