General Industry

All industries. One super standard.

Industries all over the world are in dire need of cutting-edge polymer and elastomer-based solutions, from products that weigh less than one gram to items that weigh dozens of kgs.


Operating at the forefront of technology, Supergum is a global leader in advanced polymer and elastomer product manufacturing. Our products are characterized by strength, durability, pressure-resistance, heat-resistance and more. We use dozens of rubber and plastic-based materials, including EPDM, SBR, NR, CR, silicone, Viton® and foam rubber, to create tailor-made products that fit specific performance requirements, work environments, finish levels and price ranges. We also provide our clients with full turnkey solutions.


Our range of products includes rubber sealing, rubber molding parts, O-rings, rubber casting on metal parts, rubber sheets & rolls, machine parts, gaskets, silicone products, rubber profiles, rubber hoses, shock absorbers, cushioning, rubber molds, plastic parts, plastic molds, plastic hoses, ultrasonic welding and HF plastic welding.


All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with client and leading international standards.

Our Products

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