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Today’s underground building infrastructure relies on sophisticated products and gaskets that prevent water leakage and groundwater contamination.  All water, electricity and gas resources are transported underground, and therefore necessitate high-level, long-term sealing solutions.

Supergum is equipped with the professional expertise required for high-performance infrastructure products. Our product portfolio includes open profiles, close profiles, welded profiles, seals, gaskets, sewage systems, pipelines, pits and manifolds.

Our products are made from a wide range of materials, including CR, NBR, SBR, NR, EPDM, silicone and foam rubber, in accordance with leading industry standards.


supergums integrated seals provides an effective sealing due to the integrated structure with concrete pipes.



• Supergum integrated seal is mounted in place during the manufacture of pipes. Gasket with the nail structure fits in exactly with the mold structure and doesn’t slip.
• Due to the easy installation it is more economical compared to other seal types.
• During the installation of pipes with more flexible structure allows a smooth transition and centering.
• It is capable of up to 35% compression of gasket thickness.
• In a rigid structure it will be integrated to the concrete with the multiple nails and creates a secure connection.
• Seal with special structure (from pipe to outside / from outside to the tube) is capable of sealing.
• Long lasting.

AMG Profiles

Using Place
AMG Single Nail Seal, low pressure in concrete pipes and concrete chimney provides excellent sealing. 

Seal design and function
AMG Single Nail Seals are used to provide sealing in the connections of concrete pipes. Gasket is compressed when getting in touch with the socket part, both inside and outside water leak will be prevented.

With the special design of the seal;

  •  Easy Installation.
  •  Excellent sealing of the pressure generated inside and outside.
  •  Several cross-sectional dimensions of different spaces.
  •  The wedge-shaped sealing structure.

Technical Specifications

  • SBR or EPDM Rubber
  • Shore A hardness of 40 ± 5
  • According to EN 681-1
  • High resistance to ozone

To make the correct choice of seal; roughly 1.5 times the distance between the tube and the socket should be provided. For example, if there is a distance of 14 mm between the first tube and the socket; 14×1,5 = 21 mm thick gasket should be used. 


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