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Products designed for nuclear environments must be 100% reliable and adhere to strict industry standards. These products must be manufactured in a stable, closely monitored and change-free facility. 

Supergum manufactures a wide range of products for the nuclear industry, including flat gasket sheets, disposable safety shoe covers, PVC waste bags, rubber gaskets and additional components that must be fabricated in accordance with strict quality assurance protocols. Our engineering department collaborates with relevant industry engineers, and is extremely well informed in stringent industry requirements.

We are known for our 50-year experience in manufacturing tailor-made products that ensure personal safety. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising commitment to high credibility, reliability and quality. Our smart and comprehensive rubber and plastic solutions have long lifecycles and are resistant to radiation, extreme temperatures and wear & tear.

Contaminated Residue Disposal Sacks

Supergum Ltd. manufactures radiation contaminated residue disposal sacks for nuclear and chemical industries, hospitals and laboratories. The sacks are manufactured in accordance with specific client standards and specifications.

Supergum’s disposal sacks fall under two categories: Single layer (Regular) and double layer (Super). Supergum has many years of experience in manufacturing disposal sacks for nuclear industries.

Main Features & Advantages

  • Wall structure: Sacks are made from heavy duty PVC single or double layer.
  • Diverse specifications: Sacks come in various sizes, diameters and lengths.
  • Testing: 100% of the product is high pressure tested for leaks.
  • Openings: Sacks open on one side. Sack sleeves are open on two sides.
  • Sleeve integration: The open sides are integrated with heavy duty rubber sleeves that fit perfectly with client interface and prevent interface leaks. The sleeves are used to seal the connection between two systems (such as glovebox and vaporizer).

Flexible Glovebox

Supergum Ltd. designs and manufactures custom-made gloveboxes in accordance with specific client standards and specifications. The gloveboxes are targeted for use within diverse industries, including the nuclear, pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, cosmetics, dietary supplement and medical device industries. Glovebox manufacturing is conducted in accordance with ASTM standards and ISO 9001 quality standard – including 100% quality inspection.

Design & Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Design of overpressure, under pressure and neutral flexible gloveboxes in accordance with client demands and working facility requirements.
  • Glovebox manufacturing based on client drawings or models.
  • Design of inlet and outlet drains (gases, liquids, and movements towards the working area) as per specific requirement.
  • Glovebox can attach to disposal sacks.
  • Glovebox can be equipped with sealed zipper for fast and convenient installation.
  • Glovebox can be designed as attachment to internal or external structures.

SIGMA PTFE SHEET & Compressed Fibre Sheet

Sigma® 500 Sheet Material (PTFE)​

Sigma® 500 is a high performance biaxially orientated sheet sealing material containing PTFE and hollow glass microspheres.

Sigma® 511 Sheet Material (PTFE)​

Sigma® 511 is a high performance biaxially orientated sheet sealing material containing PTFE with silica filler.

Sigma® 588 Sheet Material (PTFE)​

Sigma® 588 is a high performance biaxially oriented PTFE sheet sealing material with enhanced handling and low stress sealing characteristics.

Thermiculite Sheet​

Thermiculite 815® is a high temperature sheet (up to 1000 deg c) material reinforced with stainless steel tanged core.

Graphite Laminate Sheet​

Flexicarb® RGS3 is a graphite laminate sheet recommended for applications involving high sealing stresses and where high blowout resistance is required.


Flexitallic SF2800 is an aramid fibre based sheet sealing material bound with a high quality nitrile rubber.


Flexitallic SF3300 is a superior performance aramid/inorganic fibre sheet sealing material bound with a high quality nitrile rubber.

Rubber Cut gaskets​

Rubber gaskets can be cut from various rubber sheets and thicknesses according to customer's demand.

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Protective Suit Type II

The Protective Suit Type II is made from military green CBRN-resistant material.

The suit is designed to be worn with other protective products (mask, boots and gloves), and is intended for extended exposure to CBRN agents.

The Protective Suit is manufactured and tested in accordance with Israel Defense Forces specifications.

Protective Gloves

The glove set contains Rubber Gloves and Cotton-Fabric Gloves:

Rubber Gloves

  • Made of strong, resistant, flexible and especially thin butyl rubber that offer users both dexterity and protection.
  • Impermeable to chemical and biological warfare agents for at least six hours.
  • Manufactured in accordance with U.S. military specification MIL-G-43976.

Cotton-Fabric Gloves

  • Absorb perspiration and are designed to be worn beneath the rubber glove.
  • Soft and comfortable.

Protective Overshoes Type II

Designed to be worn over shoes, the Protective Overshoes come with an adjustable lace for easy fitting.

The Protective Overshoes are designed for prolonged use by designated NBC forces, and are manufactured and tested in accordance with Israel Defense Forces specifications.

Protective Overshoes Type I and Type II are available in several sizes.

Protective Boots

Worn instead of shoes, the Protective Boots offer feet protection and act as a supplement for maximum body protection.
Principally intended for strenuous work and prolonged walking.
The boot’s design enable stable walking on all surface types.
Made of strong butyl rubber, the boots provide total impermeability to chemical and biological warfare agents for at least six hours.
Available in several sizes.


Supergum Ltd. manufactures disposable PVC overshoes for radiation and chemical contaminated areas, hospitals, laboratories and chemical industries.

Supergum has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing disposable PVC overshoes for nuclear industries.

The overshoes can be designed and manufactured in accordance with client demands and requirements.

Main Features & Advantages

  • Manufactured from sealed PVC flexible materials
  • Flat overshoes – one size fits all
  • Special strong material with anti-slip characteristics
  • High-protection overshoes for boots
  • Fast tearing for convenient stripping
  • Strict QA testing in accordance with ISO standards

Air Protection

Supergum manufactures a wide range of filters:

  • HEPA canisters for particle filtration intended for personal protection, clean environments, clean glovebox systems and clean rooms.
  • Industrial ABEK filters that protect against chemical hazards.
  • Military and civilian protection filters against chemical, biological and radiation contamination, as well as warfare agents dispersed during war or terror attacks.

Supergum is certified by the Israeli Defense forces (IDF) and the Standard

Institute of Israel to operate CBRN filter production lines.

Active Air Sampler

Tracing the residual levels of chemical threat agents is of paramount importance when deciding to return affected areas to their normal routine – and especially when reintroducing evacuated populations.

 Developed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, this active sampler device is designed for sampling of very low concentrations of a wide range of hazardous materials in the air. The device is based on a Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) tube and an air mini-pump powered by standard size “c” batteries. 

The SPE tube contains a polymeric sorbent with a high surface area capable of adsorbing target molecules in the air. When finished, the SPE tube can be removed and sent for analysis in a certified laboratory utilizing standard procedure for extracting target chemicals.

Sampling Kit

Supergum’s Sampling KIT is the ultimate CBRN sampling solution available in the market. The kit provides complete sampling need coverage, while allowing swab, liquid and soil collection and transfer for laboratory analysis. 

The kit was developed and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to meet the technical requirements of both on-site forces and central laboratories. The kit contains all necessary components for collecting samples and safely transporting them for analysis. 

The kit has four modules: Red (biological) Yellow (chemical) – contains five kits (each) for swab sampling. Blue (liquids) – contains two sampling bottles. Green (solids) – contains a shovel and a collection bag.

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