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Panoramic Hood for Evacuation Forces

The Panoramic Hood for Evacuation Forces is a combined protective hood and blower system, providing a highly reliable level of protection, physical comfort, and freedom of movement, thus allowing under severe conditions.



NBC Sampling Kit

The first of its kind, Supergum’s Sampling Kit allows special forces to collect suspected contaminated liquids, solids or other substances to be forwarded to a remote analytical laboratory and determine current status effectively and quickly

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Caps 2000

This respiratory protection system is designed specifically for NBC forces, and offers full coverage against the most severe airborne threats. The system provides the very highest levels of protection and performance.

Protective Suit

The Adult Dual-Blower Hood consists of a head covering with a panoramic front visor. Combining an exceptionally high air-supply rate with simplicity of use, this blower hood is suitable for people performing high-stress work, and for adults who experience difficulty using the standard rubber masks.

Protective Accessories

Protective Boots

The Protective Boots are to be worn instead of shoes, for protection of the feet and as a supplement for maximum body protection.

Protective Overshoes

The Protective Overshoes are for protection of the feet and as a supplement for maximum protection of the body; for use on top of any shoe.

Protective Overshoes

Meant to be worn over shoes, the overshoes have an adjustable lace for easy fitting. These overshoes are meant for prolonged use by designated NBC forces.

Protective Gloves

Made of butyl rubber, which is strong, resistant, flexible, and especially thin, the rubber gloves give the user both dexterity and protection.

Blower for Evacuation Forces

This advanced, enhanced blower is designed for evacuation forces or other people engaged in strenuous activity.

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Our team works with military organizations to design the best solutions for the geographic and environmental conditions.

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